Crafting Dreams Into Living Reality

33 years and 20,000 clients later, Sethi Decor is a name that has carved its niche amidst the most renowned names in the industry. What defines them is a perfect amalgamation of commitment, luxury, innovation, agility and an eye for detailing that they put as an important ingredient into their work. Needless to say, Luxurious and inspiring decor is considered to be their metier. The habit of being consistent and thorough in providing interior decor solution, whether for residence or for commercial spaces, has helped them inscribe their name in block letters. Steering them forward is the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Dinesh Sethi. Since 1988, Mr. Dinesh has created magic with his work.

Carrying forward his legacy is Mr. Tushar Sethi (CEO). Under Mr. Dinesh’s watchful eyes, Tushar has helped the company grow out its branches to an extent where experts from other industries has served them with loud accolades. Right after his graduation, he has carved a niche and dared to dream that created a name synonymous to the outstanding work he delivers. He has added fuel to his passion and has helped Sethi Decor become a one-stop shop for all types of interiors and its related adornments. Right from designing to furnishing products, for residential and commercial, they have it all. Being a free spirited and a highly inspirational father-son duo, their work guarantees everything except for disappointments.


The vision for Sethi Decor is to be a premier destination for timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication in interior design. We strive to curate exquisite collections that blend luxury, innovation, and sustainability, transforming living spaces into expressions of individuality and style. With unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aim to inspire and elevate the aesthetic experience of our clientele globally.


At Sethi Decor, our mission is to make your home look amazing! We want to offer you the best furniture and decorations that are both stylish and eco-friendly. We'll give you personalized service and always be honest and innovative. Our goal is to make you happy and keep your home looking fantastic!

Discover The Essence Of Interiors

Tate Linden once beautifully said “Designing is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.
Elaborating it further, it says that our living spaces, however big or small, must not just remain four walls, they should be four walls engraved with tales for the generations to come. For we, very well know, that these walls are capable of carrying legacies.

We live in such a vivid and dynamic world that getting home to a colourless and dull space is a sin in itself. It is said, the walls and hooks and nooks have tales to tell and a house without well-defined interiors are plain bricks and mortars with zero adornments. A house or even a commercial structure can inspire and bring that smile and build connection on a deeper level if made with that vision and precision to complement the thought of living with panache. While comfort is a mandatory trait we follow, an underlying stream of aesthetics is the next best stream of action we commit to deliver you with an experience of lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

We are a firm that holds expertise in not one, two but so many areas that sometimes it becomes time-consuming to give details about everything. But we will still try to cover everything.

For an instance, some of our expertise areas includes Reiki & landscaping, Vaastu consultation, thorough blueprints as per area and other metrics, expert advices, colour coded homes and creating home with perfect combination of modernity and contemporary features. We are a team of exceptionally talented and professional people who hold expertize in their different areas of interior decoration and furnishing.

So, it is the sole purpose of the designer or the builder to create a space so magical and majestic that it mesmerizes the ones who are entering the arena of their hard-adorned embellishment after a long exhausting day. And we are the ones to call just for the same.